Report: Ainge calls Doc, tells him he wants him back with C's UPDATE: Danny/Doc to meet Wednesday

From Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski.

Welp, this is awkward.

Ainge may want Doc back, but at this point I would rank the possibilities as following:

1. Doc works in TV next year

2. Celtics/Clips revive talks (as CP3 moves closer to free agency, don't be surprised to see these "dead" talks come back to life)

3. Doc just spends a year with his family

4. Doc comes back to Boston

As much of a pro that Doc is, he just can't come back, look his young players in the eye and tell them "hey guys, no big deal — love you and I'm your coach" and expect them to listen. Doc is done in Boston, and eventually will land elsewhere, with the C's receiving compensation.

P.S. Really, really want to overhear the Clips call to CP3 after all this: 'Hey Chris! Listen, we didn't get Doc, but we're going to hire the unproven Brian Shaw to get us to the next level! Also, we didn't get kG :(, but we still have DeAndre and Blake clogging the lane unable to create their own offense lol. We also kept Eric! Best backup PG in the league before he leaves next summer. So, let's talk deal! Chris? Are you there Chris???


Danny/Doc to meet Wednesday

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