Doc Rivers advising both Clippers and Celtics in trade talks?

Things have really gone sour for the Celtics and Doc Rivers and as things continue to move along it seems like Doc won't be able to come back.

Apparently, he's playing both sides in these negotiations.

This aligns with a report that says Doc was telling the Clippers not to send Eric Bledsoe because he wanted to coach him. Obviously playing both sides isn't the best look here, and probably the reason these talks hit a snag.

The Clippers have been basically unwilling to give anything up for both Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett. They are apparently moving on to Byron Scott now. They are offering DeAndre Jordan (overpaid) and one first rounder (late and in a weak draft) for two franchise altering pieces. They won't budge at all.

The Celtics have already compromised considerably, agreeing to leave Eric Bledsoe off the table. However, the Clippers would not take Jason Terry or Courtney Lee's contracts, nor would they include a second first rounder. So, what do you want Danny Ainge to do?

The Celtics gain more by not doing anything and letting Rivers go broadcast and KG retire. A worthless first rounder does not help the team, and taking on the bad DeAndre Jordan contract that comes with a trade kicker doesn't help either.

The Celtics still have Rivers' rights for the next three years so even if he goes to broadcast they can still receive compensation if he decides to return to coach within that time span. Why do they need to do this deal now if the Clippers are offering their garbage?