Heat & LeBron 2013 NBA Champions according to Nike

The Miami Heat are the 2012-2013 NBA Champions! Oh wait, only according to Nike and LeBron James next-generation of shoes. The low-top LeBron X have inscribed on the inside of one shoe ‘2-Time Champion’ and ’11-12, 12-13’. This is either a huge oversight by Nike and they will have to recall of the shoes, or they are a limited special edition that got a little ahead of themselves being released to the public. Even if this has nothing to do with LeBron, I wouldn’t be surprised if this makes the San Antonio bulletin board for tonight’s game. Imagine if LeBron never wins another title, these shoes will be collectors items like those 19-0 Patriots championship t-shirts (damn that still hurts to say). Here are the pics of the kicks from Niketalk.com:

Credit to CBS sports to bringing this to the national eye

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