Clippers to give up the two first rounders, deal could be done today

Although sources stressed that final details were still being worked out, one trade would be a straight player swap sending Clippers center DeAndre Jordan for Garnett, with the second move calling for Boston to receive two first-round draft picks as compensation for freeing Rivers from his Celtics contract.

However, has learned the teams will have at least one more hurdle to clear even if they finally agree to a trade framework after days of talks and multiple breakdowns in discussions.

Sources say the Clippers and Celtics, to push the trade through, will have to convince the league office that the deals were not contingent upon each other. According to NBA rules, side agreements or contingencies are prohibited in any trade or free-agent signing. Rules also prohibit coaches from being traded; teams can convey cash or draft picks as compensation to get a coach under contract released from those obligations.

Horrible trade in my opinion. Ainge shouldve never settled and let Bledsoe or Lee, Terry come off the table. DeAndre Jordan is overpaid and two late 20s picks in the first round might as well be worthless.

With Chris Paul demanding the Clippers revisit the trade, Ainge should've used that as leverage. He held all the cards and still let the Clippers bend him over.

I was in favor of trading Doc and KG given the circumstances, but you have to get assets back. Ainge got played and just gave a gift to LA.