The Thunder are reportedly keeping Kendrick Perkins

Well this is certainly a head scratcher.

It looks like the Oklahoma City Thunder are going to hold onto Kendrick Perkins. According to Thunder beat writer Darnell Mayberry, Thunder GM Sam Presti recently praised Perkins for about 20 minutes and also said they have no plans to amnesty him.

For those who don't know, the amnesty clause was put in under the latest collective bargaining agreement. It's a provision where teams can essentially get out of bad contracts by waiving players and having their contract come off the salary cap. Here's a link that describes the process pretty well.

Perkins has been the prime candidate for the amnesty clause for a while now, even before his historically bad offseason this year. He can't move like he used to after the knee injury and is still owed around $18.63 million over the next two seasons. But if the Thunder want to keep him, more power to them.

Some have said, if the Thunder did waive Perkins, he could come back to Boston. He would be a nice bench piece, but shouldn't be given a whole lot of responsibility given his deficiencies.

Perk was a fan favorite when he was in Boston, but he's simply not the player he once was. Let Oklahoma City keep him.

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