Ainge says Kevin Garnett doesn't need surgery on his ankle

If Kevin Garnett plays next season, it looks like he will be doing it bone spurs and all.

According to the Boston Herald, Danny Ainge says Garnett will simply "rest" his left foot and ankle and will not undergo surgery.

I think there was some question whether he was going to have surgery on his foot,” said Ainge. “but the last I heard, which was a few days ago, is that he won’t need surgery.”

Full disclosure: I'm not a doctor. With that being said, this seems kinda crazy. ESPN's Jackie MacMullan reported multiple times last season that Garnett was battling bone spurs. There was even talk that they were floating bone spurs.

Now either MacMullan was dead wrong, or the Celtics' medical staff is making a big mistake. I've never heard of players resting bone spurs. Ray Allen battled bone spurs in his right ankle his last season in Boston. He had surgery to remove them in the offseason.

Bone spurs don't simply go away. There were many times this last season where Garnett was limping around the court because of his ankle. He even missed a big chunk of the end of the regular season with the injury.

If it is indeed bone spurs and Garnett does come back, the Celtics are taking a big gamble because it only makes sense that the issue could crop up again and sideline the Big Ticket for who knows how long. Or maybe Garnett plans on retiring and doesn't want to deal with the surgery and rehab.

Something's not right here. There is definitely more to this story. Stay tuned.

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