Stephen A. Smith can't accept that he was wrong on Doc Rivers-Danny Ainge

ESPN TV personality Stephen A. Smith's wild claims the past couple of weeks have had a lot of scrutiny going his way. First he said the Boston Celtics were talking with the Los Angeles Clippers about a Eric Bledsoe, Caron Butler, Blake Griffin for Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and coach Doc Rivers trade. Ok.

Then, when facing the criticism over that one, he then started saying that Celtics GM Danny Ainge and Rivers were "sick of eachother's faces" and that Rivers wanted out.

Danny Ainge called those rumors "silly", and recently confirmed to the Boston Glove that Rivers would be returning.

Is that good enough to silence Stephen A. Smith? Hell No!

“According to my sources, Doc Rivers has intimated to people he’s close to that (leaving the Celtics) was something that he thought about, in terms of moving forward. As far as I’m concerned, he’s still thinking about it,” Smith said. “But he is under contract with Boston. Boston would have to let him out of his contract and give him permission to talk to somebody else, and I’m not sure he’s that willing. It would have to be a great, great opportunity.”

Ainge on Thursday scoffed at the suggestion that Rivers would not be coaching the Celtics next season, telling reporters the two are already talking about building next season’s team.

Stephen A. didn’t lend much credence to Danny’s denial:

“Danny Ainge’s words, in this matter, mean nothing to me. Absolutely nothing.”

Smith keeps losing more and more credibility. So, when Ainge says that Rivers is coming back and that they are discussing plans for next season, that means nothing?

It seems to me like Smith is taking to his tactics on the ESPN First Take show and not backing down from his stance, even with all of the evidence piled against him. He's never going to shut up about this and it's about time we start ignoring him.