The Forgotten Man: Chris Wilcox

Remember how stoked we were to resign Chris Wilcox for a bargain and how we thought he would perform well?

I know he just got off of major heart surgery and he was already on the decline. But in the 2012 season, we saw him running the floor, catching lobs from Rondo, and doing something most Celtics don't do, rebound. He was getting praised by Doc Rovers, and seemed to be a great addition to our bench. He was a surprise in our locker room and seemed to be a great back-up to Kevin Garnett.

This season I had high hopes on his return, but instead he was at the bottom of the bench. He got injured constantly and never had enough confidence to stay on the floor. He only played 6 total minutes in 2 games in the playoffs and was not even in the rotation at the end of the year. He did not come with the same energy he had in the previous season and without Rondo to the the floor with him, he was basically useless. His PER-36 Minutes dipped in most categories making us play guys like Randolph and signing White.

I just don't see why we did not play him as much but yet we started Jason Collins, I just don't see the logic here. Maybe all the injuries he had made him a much different player or maybe I expected too much from him.

What do you guys think about Chris Wilcox? Should we bring him back? Comment below.

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