Soon, we will find out how full of crap Stephen A. Smith is

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith just won't stop talking about the Boston Celtics, and in particular, Doc Rivers.

For whatever reason, Smith is hellbent on this idea that Rivers is going to leave the Celtics in order to, not retire and be with his family, but to coach a better team. Despite the fact that Rivers has three years left on his deal, and after signing it acknowledged that coaching a rebuilding team would be in the cards and that he was fine with that.

"Expect the Boston Celtics to receive a call for permission to talk to Doc Rivers… Expect Brian Shaw of the Indiana Pacers to get a call," and he also mentioned Larry Brown. He then returned to the man who will lead the search. "Billy King will scan the globe. I’ve known him for over 20 years. He’s not going sit idly by."

Danny Ainge, Boston's GM, would have to permit Rivers to talk with King and if the 10-year Celtics veteran wanted to leave, the Nets would almost certainly have to compensate the Celtics. Rivers has hinted that he might to step down from the head coaching job at TD Garden, but his contract runs another three years.

Again, this makes no sense to me. Let's say Pierce and KG are both gone next year. Yes, the Nets would be better than the Celtics, but do they really have a chance to win a title? It's not like Doc would be leaving to coach the Heat or anything.

I do believe that the Nets have interest in Doc Rivers as coach, who wouldn't? However, as Smith has implied with his recent rumors, I do not think that the Celtics will give permission to Brooklyn to talk to Rivers. If they do, we'll have to give Smith some credit. If they don't we'll just pile on him more and more.

First Smith said the Clippers and LA were discussing a swap of Blake Griffin, Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler for Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers. A proposal that everyone around the globe rolled their eyes at. Facing the scrutiny he then told WEEI that Doc Rivers could leave because he and Ainge are "stick of each other's faces". Ok then.

Don't lend this any credence. I probably shouldn't have even posted on it, but well, it's fun to make fun of Smith.

via HoopsHype