KG battling hip injury on top of ankle bone spurs

I’m concerned you guys. Once I saw Kevin Garnett grab is hip in game 2’s loss I knew we were in for a whole heap of hurt, no pun intended. This team’s playoff run will live and die with KG, who at age 36 the bumps and bruises take a little bit longer to heal regardless of if you’re a 6’11 badass. In Jackie Mac’s piece yesterday, which the great Vandeusen wrote about here, she touched on how KG is battling not only the hip but also bone spurs:

"KG, the centerpiece of the team's defensive soul, is battling a minor hip injury and painful bone spurs that appear to float between his foot and ankle. Team sources confirmed Thursday they remain a hindrance to Garnett, but he will play in Game 3, buoyed by the 18,000 plus disciples who will delight as he lathers himself into a proper pregame Garden froth." 

When I first read that I didn’t even pick up on her mention of painful bone spurs between his foot and ankle….. BONE SPURS?? Panic button time, does anyone remember the ’09 playoffs? Bone spurs sidelined KG the entire playoff run. Granted he is battling through these spurs now but it is still pretty concerning, you guys. Just another thing to have to worry about, but I think this is the Big Ticket’s last playoff run and you would need to cut his leg off to keep him from playing. It’s really troubling when your team’s playoff lives hinge on a pair of 36 year old injured legs who have played over 52,000 minutes, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. What to watch for tonight: Every step KG makes on the court.

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