Are the Celtics simply 'overmatched?'

Is Carmelo too much for KG and Pierce to handle?
ESPN Boston's Jackie MacMullan just wrote an article entitled "Face facts: Celtics are overmatched."  She opens by stating:
Their opponent is better. They are also deeper, more versatile and, until further notice (gulp), mentally tougher.

MacMullan goes on to say that Kevin Garnett is not fully healthy, battling a sore hip and bone spurs floating around in his left ankle; but also that even if he was it's somewhat unrealistic to expect aging stars Garnett and Paul Pierce to be able to keep up with the 28 year old scoring champion, Carmelo Anthony.  She also suggests that Avery Bradley is being asked to do too much, and that the C's don't have a true point guard on the roster:
These are the problems that mount when your team tries to rebuild on the fly and loses its best player to a torn ACL in the process. This is what happens when your future Hall of Famers, the cornerstones of your franchise, are slated to have their roles diminished over time, but, due to an avalanche of injuries, find themselves once again the No. 1 and No. 2 options.

It's hard to argue with her points, more than likely she is probably completely right.  The simple truth of the matter is that New York is the 2nd seed and Boston is the 7th.  The Knicks should be better; a lot better in fact.  But I'm going to wait and see what happens at the Garden tonight.  A win this evening and suddenly the series is as close as it can be after 3 games.  MacMullan notes that since KG's arrival in 2007, the Celtics are 13-0 in home playoff games following a road loss.  Get this one today and maybe we've got a whole new outlook tomorrow.

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