Birdman and K-Mart: Why Didn't Boston Sign You?

Watching these playoffs, I notice two players that we could have picked up during the season, choose other teams because Danny Ainge did not want to sign them. What the BLEEEEP!

Yes the Birdman and K-Mart, are older and lost some athleticism, but they are rebounding and playing wonderful defense, while shooting at a very high percentage. Both these guys are playing strong for their respective teams. Kenyon Martin is manhandling us, while Chris Andersen is playing well for the 3-0 Miami Heat.

Why couldn't we bring any of them in? Why sign Shavlik Randolph and DJ White? Inexperience and undersized players? Doc is playing small ball and are barely using these guys.

What do you think? You think Danny messed up here and didn't at least bring them in on 10 day contract?

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