Indiana Pacers Were A Better Match-Up for the Cs

Watching these terrible NBA playoffs, I noticed a few things so far. NOBODY is watching the Pacers-Hawks series. People have no interest in these two teams, heck everybody picked the Pacers in 5 and they suspect the Pacers to lose in the second round.

At the end of the season, Doc Rivers rested our players instead of pursuing a higher seed. We only were 2 losses back of the Atlanta Hawks and could have easily surpassed them or the Chicago Bulls. At the time we were happy about that and I know I am "Monday quarterbacking" but here's my thing: the Pacers were a much better match-up for the Celtics, here's why:

1. We beat the Pacers twice already with the third meeting being canceled due to the Boston Marathon Bombings (my thoughts and prayers). We were at home, and could have beat them again. Either way we won the season series against them.

2. No Carmelo Anthony. They don't have a super-star that can go for 40 on any given night. Paul George is a great player, but Jeff Green can limit him. They do have bigs on their front line in Roy Hibbert and David West, but we limited both. David West averaged 10.5 and 13 rebounds while 9 points and 10 rebounds. The rebounds are expected but the points aren't nearly close to how much Carmelo has been averaging against us. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett would be the best players in the series.

3. We are a lot alike in many ways. Without Rondo, we are strictly a defensive team that sometimes struggles on offense to find shots. The Pacers have guards that can score, but with Avery Bradley hawking George Hill, we could come up with steals that can help us push. The Pacers have a slow tempo that can help our teams old legs not get so fatigued in the second half.

4.We have had great series against the Pacers in the passed. Larry Legend against Chuck Person anyone? How bout Reggie Lewis in 1992? How about one of my all time favorite playoff Celtics' Game, Game 6 against the Indiana Pacers in 2005, when my boy Toine took over in overtime (the infamous elbow game). We have had great battles against this team, way better then these lousy Hawks.

All I am saying is that unless our teams pick up the pace, we might be out in the first round (says the guy who picked the Knicks in 6). I just wish Doc tried to play the Pacers first to build some momentum for us so when we did play the Knicks in the second round, we could have been ready.

PS. I am not giving up, just looking bleak. Go Celtics. Comment Below.

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