Green Envy: What Hawks Fans Said - 3/29

The playoff seeding race continued Friday night, with the Boston Celtics picking up a game on the Atlanta Hawks. The 118-107 win moved Boston to within 1.5 games of Atlanta for the Eastern Conference's six-seed. These two teams are very familiar with each other, as are their fans. There was a lot to say about how horrid Josh Smith played. Though there was conspicuously little to say on how Atlanta let Shavlik Randolph post nine points and 13 rebounds.

Top Three: 

1. Report from the Hawks hotel: Al Horford just changed the channel.

2. "If I win this game only using second and third unit guys, they'll have to resi--aw shit, we lost." - Larry Drew

3. Can Tommy Heinsohn just die...

When Reality Strikes:

The sad reality is that Boston still is a better team. Even as old and broken down as they are. And Josh expects the city to care about these token play off appearances. 

Full Slate:

Only way I see us losing this game if we beat ourselves with mental mistakes.

I hate everyone who is related in any way to the celts...

LOL . . I guess Smith is going to take 30 shots tonight . . and the coach is going to let him

Heinson just called [Josh Smith] "the Atlanta version of Perk" ( Perkins ).

Josh smith... Why are you so difficult to watch?

Glad we benched Teague though.  That 17-7 he had working in the 3rd was annoying.

Breaking news... Celtics own the Hawks! 

Horrible calls have gone Bostons way of course but right now its still under 10 points

No Al? We are F-ed

So I guess Celtics refs really are bad

this is a trash team BOS has out on the court and they're getting way too much respect from the refs.

Absolutely atrocious officiating