Teams inquiring about Jason Terry, Celtics could trade him to get under luxury tax

Ken Berger usually is pretty wired in. I wonder what the Celtics could get for Terry? Maybe a late first rounder and to be freed of the remaining years of his contract. A trade exception would also be a nice acquisition. Ainge is in a somewhat tough spot. Based on our record, the age of our healthy stars, and the season ending injuries to two key starters, all signs point to trading away vets and long term contracts. I have a hunch that Danny has been dying to rebuild, but last year's long playoff run threw a monkey wrench into his plans.

I'm pretty sure even if the Celtics continue to win (up right now at the half vs. Orlando) that Danny will pull the trigger on any move that helps the team in future years. The Jet's Boston days could be numbered. How successful is tattoo removal procedures?