Now we'll see who really bleeds green

This crew will always bleed green!

We all know what has happened to the Celtics in the last week and yes it does suck(sorry for the language Mom). However, that is no reason to give up on this team. Celtics Nation has been spoiled these last 5 years. Sure, we've only won one title, but we are a contender every year which is more than 99% of sports teams can say.

I began this season with title aspirations, and even with the Rondo injury thought that we were maybe one minor trade away from possibly competing. With Sullinger's injury, our hopes for an 18th banner are essentially dead. But that is no reason to stop watching. Being a Celtics fan, or a fan of any sport, is about watching your team no matter how bad or good they are. I learned a long time ago that if you see a season as a failure if you don't win it all your life is going to be depressing as hell.

With that being said, I am going to watch the rest of this season hoping for the best. I'll enjoy watching KG stare down opponents and Pierce hit step back J's. I'm going to enjoy watching Bradley continue to develop into a superstar. I'm going to get giddy over Jeff Green's dunks.  I'm going to enjoy hearing Doc's permanent sore throat shout at timeouts. I think a lot of times we forget that the Celtics are just awesome to watch win or lose.

I don't write much anymore because frankly the new writers are just way more knowledgeable and better than me at writing, but let me give my two cents on this trade chatter. DO NOT trade Pierce. Sure, we could probably trade Pierce and win 2 or 3 more games in the regular season, but wins and losses aren't everything in the grand scheme of things.

Pierce was this team for almost a decade and gave his all to this franchise. Also, it's not even like the guy is bad. He still can drop 30 on any given night. What are we going to get? Some borderline starter and a draft pick that will probably be a bust? What happened to loyalty in sports or actually liking the players on your team? Yes, I'd be a terrible GM.

The sad truth of it all is some people won't watch the Celtics as closely as they used because we are probably not a contender. This isn't just Celtics fans, it's fans from everywhere. Hell, we've probably all sold out a team at some point or the other( I am a sell out Niners fan). However, bleeding green is different. Bleeding Celtics green is a lifetime commitment. Are you in it for life or are you just here for the good times? We'll see who really bleeds green now.

Shameless Plug: I'm probably doing a Karl on the Kayak episode tomorrow(see title picture). Write some questions in the comment section. I'm hoping that this will lead to an eventual marriage with Molly McGrath and/or Scal being my best friend.