Kobe Bryant wishes Lakers were more like Celtics

After the Celtics' dismantling of the Los Angeles Lakers last night, Kobe Bryant spoke with the media about his rival team in Green. He gave the Celtics a ton a respect and continued praise, wishing his team would buckle down and play a similar way. The C's are now 6-0 without Rajon Rondo (26-23 on the season)  and Byant had this to say about Boston in an excerpt from Bullpett's report:

"It's typical," said Bryant. "Typical Celtics basketball. You know, they all just put their hard hats  on and they go out and they figure things out. It seems like whenever their backs are against the wall, you know, that's when you really see the best from them."

Kobe wasn't surprised the Celtics are doing all this without a short guy he so adores?

"No, I mean, honestly, that's what they do," he said. "We've seen them in the (Finals) series twice, and they're just a tough group. They're a tough group."

"You know, whether or not they can sustain it for the remainder of the season going into the playoffs obviously remains to be seen. Rajon is a really, really special player, and so you're missing a lot, particularly in the postseason. But if anybody can figure it out, this group can."

Honestly, it's not very surprising to hear Bryant say all of these good things about the C's. He is a professional and he, of all people, knows a thing or two about this sport. Bryant does seem a bit frustrated though. His team has obviously played far worse than anyone predicted, and LAL is on the brink of missing the postseason for only the second time that Kobe has been in the NBA. The Lakers future doesn't look so gold, in my opinion.