Recent milestones versus Los Angeles Lakers

 Game 2 - 2010 NBA Finals (June 6th): Walter Ray Allen was Red Hot, as was Rajon Rondo (but he gets triple doubles every night, so that was no milestone). Allen had missed the majority of Game 1 of this Finals series due to foul trouble, but he kept to his normal pregame shooting routine to prepare for the 2nd meeting with the Lakers. Ray had made his first seven shots he attempted from beyond the arc, before finally missing his 8th attempt. Allens' record breaking shot (for 'Most Three Point FG's in a Finals game) came in the 3rd period with his eighth smooth trifecta over the leaping Shannon Brown, followed by a staredown to the LA crowd. Allen could have easily hit around fourteen or fifteen three pointers in this game if he had kept the same pace as he had in the 1st half.

February 10th, 2011: The anticipation and waiting for this match-up was dreadful, but when the day finally came, all eyes were on number 20. Allen needed only two made 3 point field goals to become the NBAs' All Time leader in 3 point field goals made. Just 8 months after breaking Finals records against LA, Allen was ready to break history once again against the teams' arch rival. Allens' record breaker (breaking Reggie Millers' recored of 2560 made 3 point field goals) came in the finals minutes of the first period, on a wide open fast break shot from downtown. Allen cheered. The Garden erupted. Kobe Bryant also erupted, leading his team from a 15 point deficit on route to a six point victory in Beantown.

February 7th, 2013: One night after dominating the Raptors' big men with 27 points and 10 boards, the ol' vet, Kevin Garnett, was just 6 points shy of reaching 25,000 career points. Just another incredible feat for his Hall of Fame career. Again, all eyes were on KG as everyone in the building knew the milestone ahead for The Big Ticket. Garnett missed most of the 1st period due to foul trouble, but came into the 2nd quarter with a scorers mentality. His milestone setter came early in the 2nd quarter with his patented post fadeaway over the Lakers' Earl Clark. Garnett received an ovation from the Boston crowd and his teammates as he returned to the bench during a timeout. This milestone puts KG in a class of his own, being the only player in NBA history to record 25,000 Points, 5,000 Assists, 10,000 Rebounds, 1,500 Steals, and 1,500 Blocks. Just amazing. Truly one of the greatest all-around basketball players in the history of this league. 

Last, but not least, Fab Melo - February 7, 2013: Fab P. Melo scored his first (regular season) NBA bucket in the 4th period against the Los Angeles Lakers. It's awesome that he did so in Green and White against the Purple and Egg Yolk. 24,998 to go, Melo!

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