Its a Celtic life

Lakers vs Celtics used to be a marquee match-up regardless of the records of the two teams.  When it came to these two you could throw stats or record out the window because it was always a fierce battle. Fast forward to 2013 and you have two teams diverging on a similar but different path. The Celtics are on a more familiar road, floundering like they do through the first half of the season, and then finding their sea legs as the all-star break approaches.  So they are on par with who we thought they were.

The Lakers on the other hand, are on a road less traveled, and are seemingly on the verge of not making the playoffs.  They have only done that once in the Kobe era, and that was in his second year. It is something he and the Lakers are not accustomed too.

Boston's troubles go beyond the injury to two key rotational players.  Whether they want to admit it or not, they have a serious decision to make beyond this regular season of desperation to secure the seventh or eighth seed.  Celtic management must decide if this incarnation of Celtic players to borrow a phrase from Kevin Garnett, "play with force".  The kind of force necessary to make the kind of improbable run they made last year.

Last night, they made it seem like anything is possible, with the humiliation and blowout win over the once vaunted Los Angeles Lakers.  There was a vintage Paul Pierce sighting and Jeff Green gave a great imitation of James Worthy's "Statue of Liberty" move.  Jason Terry had his most efficient shooting night in the green, by making five of six shots ending up with 15 points. KG hit the 25,000 point milestone and the win was a fitting tribute to the man with the no-trade clause, who bleeds green and wants to retire a Celtic a la PP.

Danny Ainge, in his weekly WEEI conversation, spoke about the teams over reliance on the remaining members of 'the big three' when things get tight. He also answers the question on the need of a point guard and Rondo's role in how they play.

It all comes down to the role players taking responsibility and making the best of their talents. So far they have matched their season high with this six game winning streak.  We must also look at the level of competition they have faced. The teams that could have given them a true measuring stick as to where they are have been missing key pieces of their own during this current run.

So we are still left wondering who this team is and what they will be when they finally get it and become a consistent force and embrace this Celtic life.  For now, any issues they have, has been masked by there production and KG and Pierce doing  there best to keep Ubuntu alive in the minds and play of these Celtics.