Rest Up C's, You Will Need It

One more game left, until the well rested break. The Boston Celtics finish the first half of the season, trying to get revenge on a Bulls team that beat us by a lucky shot by Marco Belinelli. But my point of this article is not about that game, but it is for the Celtics to rest up and get ready for the crazy second half of the season.

We are so many players down, I have lost track. So much speculation on who we will trade, or who will we sign that at this point I just want the trade deadline to come and end! I think we should just keep our group together and just play other players more (free Jason Terry).

(Side-note: I think Jason Terry should get more shots and more responsibility, but that is for another post.)

Regardless of who is playing, the Celtics need to enjoy their All-Star game break and get ready for what is in-store. I am happy that only KG is the only player representing the Boston Celtics in the All-Star Game festivities (hopefully E-Spo only plays in 10 minutes) because I want the rest of our players rested and ready for the second half of the season. Right after the break, we have a five game road trip that has us playing 5 games in 7 nights, which include a back to back with a rematch with the Nuggets and Fakers (we better win by 30 this time). Then once we return home, we only play 2 out of the next 6 games at home, and all those games are against quality teams. This stretch of games will be tough for our Celtics group, but with a new found life on offense and defense, we should be able to pull through.

Which Celtics team will come back after break? The new and rejuvenated Celtics' team that just finished a 7 game winning streak? Will we have new players going forward? Or will we be the tired old, staggered offense that we were when the team was 3 games below five hundred? I think thee next twelve games will make or break our season.

Rest up Boston Celtics, Rest Up.

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