Jeff Green and Leandro Barbosa do Carnival in Brazil

Figured this probably went something like this. Leandro Barbosa was probably talking one day about the beautiful women in Brazil. Jeff Green most likely said, "Damn I want to go. Let's go in the Summer (offseason)!" The Blur then replied, "Well I'm doing Carnival over the All-Star break." Green then comes in the next day and says, "So am I. Yolo." Or something like that.

Good to see the guys having some down time and fun. Whenever you feel bad for NBA players dealing with criticisms and trade rumors, just remember that they make more in a year than most of us will make in a lifetime. They enjoy their lives to the max. And in case you doubted Green's dedication he started his trip off with this tweet:

Regarding Barbosa, I was excited when the Celtics signed him, and was pleased with his play on the court and his love for being a Celtic. Hope to see him back in uniform for us next season.