ESPN's Marc Stein: "KG isn't waiving that no-trade clause. For anyone or any team."

"Leave me alone Blake!"

Marc Stein of ESPN has a column up that touches on many of the trade rumors and rumblings around the league.  A few quotes from it really jump out at me regarding the "Kevin Garnett lives in Malibu and is friends with Chauncey Billups so maybe he could be traded to the Clippers for DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe" story that won't go away.  Stein says:
After spending a solid 15 minutes in the same room with Garnett in Houston as part of ESPN Radio's All-Star Weekend team, I became convinced that KG isn't waiving that no-trade clause. For anyone or any team. My impression is that it's going to take more lobbying than anyone out there can muster.

He also mentions that colleague Chris Broussard recently reported Billups had already warned the Clippers that Garnett's stance on the matter was firm.  In addition Stein claims "a source close to the situation" says the Clippers wouldn't even be willing to trade both Jordan and Bledsoe for Garnett anyway; making it all a moot point.  His conclusion:
There simply might not be a shake-up move available to the Celtics at this deadline now that Rondo has been lost to a season-ending knee injury.

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