Celtics active, but don’t have a lot to trade

If you’re like me you’re hoping, praying and wishing for Danny Ainge to pull off a move that will add some much needed help but keep KG and Pierce for one last title run. As Thursdays trade deadline looms closer and closer it appears that Josh Smith won’t be walking through that door, Dwight Howard won’t be walking through that door and neither will any other big names. Steve Bulpett from the Boston Herald is reporting per a team source that the C’s:
Are one of the more active teams out there talking, but they really don’t have a lot of great options. They don’t have a lot to trade.
So basically that means a Jeff Green/Brandon Bass package is not enough to land anyone substantial. The injury bug not only hurt their chances of making a run for a championship, but also to pull off any trades. It's time to face the facts, they don’t have many attractive pieces that other teams are eager to acquire; they don’t even have any expiring contracts which have helped deals in years past.

For today it seems that Kevin Garnett is also not going anywhere, Bulpett said in his article that any trades for the Celtics big names are just a matter of semantics, not any real trade negotiations. A source close to Garnett said that the team hasn’t approached him about waiving his no trade clause or about any possible deals either. Another report reaffirms KG’s unlikeliness to waive his no-trade clause anyways, so I would bet even money #5 isn't going anywhere.

These last few days are going to be crazy with rumors and ideas for possible moves, but I highly doubt Boston is involved in anything ground breaking. Terrence Williams will be a nice addition once his final paperwork is approved, he’s a good player but isn’t the answer to the multiple needs this team needs. Danny Ainge needs to do something, and it seems more and more like it’s likely to be a minor tweak over a major shakeup. Temper your expectations CelticsLifers, help is coming just don't be expecting any new superstars in green anytime soon.

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