Scal dominates in Toucher and Rich's Scallenge

"Sick of hearing that the average Joe could beat him out on the hardwood, Brian Scalabrine was on a mission.

And given the results of last week’s “Scallenge,” it was mission accomplished for the “White Mamba.”-Toucher and Rich

If you didn't know about the Scallenge that took place this past week then shame on you.  Anyway, Scal, represented the ginger race brilliantly dominating his opponents with a combined score of 44-6. I still wish I had gotten the chance to play him as I think my gingerness would've made him ease up on me a bit and allowed me to score a couple buckets. Next time!  Check out the video below. Hopefully this ends the silly discussion by the Scal haters out there who think he isn't any good.

View another Scallenge video here

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