Danny Ainge backs off Doc's "get some guys out of here" quote

Ainge continues to insist he likes the team as is.
After the loss in Detroit on Sunday night Celtics head coach Doc Rivers went on a bit of a tirade, saying that if he couldn't find the right combination to get his team to play hard they were going to have to "get some guys out of here."  Yesterday team president Danny Ainge dialed down Doc's comments a bit, and reaffirmed what he has said all year; that any major changes are unlikely.  As reported by Steve Bulpett in The Boston Herald, here's what Ainge said:

Realistically, I don’t see major changes coming. Of course we’re trying to get better, and any deal that was available that could help us, you obviously do that. But we’re not just trying to make any deal. We’re not selling the team off or anything like that. We’re trying to win with what we have right now. That’s got to be our first objective.

Ainge went on to say that many of the issues the team is currently facing are nothing new, and a lot of the same stuff we've seen from the C's in recent years:

We know that this team is talented, but even with that, there have been a lot of disappointing games this year. And that’s been a pattern over the last three years. That’s what I know. And our team has responded well in the playoffs. But we’ve played down to the level of our competition sometimes, and that’s been frustrating.

I agree Danny, it's not time to panic.

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