Beat Brian Scalabrine in a 1-on-1 “Scallenge”

So the details have finally been released for the Brian Scalabrine challenge vs. all of Boston in a game of 1-on-1. I touched on this in December about Toucher and Rich teaming up with Brian Scalabrine, who is sick of people on the street talking trash to him that they can beat him. The Toucher and Rich One-on-One Scallenge will take place on January 16th as the White Mamba will take on three of the best ballers in Boston. Scallenger's will need to make a two minute video, part of it talking trash and part of it showing off legit basketball skills.

This morning T&R were discussing the details of the contest and stated that they only were going to pick legit talent. They will decide on the top ten entries and send them off to Scal for approval for the final three. They want a legit challenge for Scal so that if A) You get dominated by Scal or B) You beat him… no matter what you will be an internet sensation. The contest already has gotten national attention, so if you win you'll probably get on ESPN. Apparently also Mike Gorman might do play-by-play, which will be hilarious if Scal just buries people.

I can't wait for this contest to go down being a huge T&R fan for years and seeing the old stuff they used to do on WBCN, this is similar and going to be just as big. I personally think that he is going to destroy everyone he faces, but anything is possible. I’m sure that there might be a baller here that could give him a good run, but I am of the camp that the last man on an NBA bench will dominate any regular person. This is gonna be epic, dust of the kicks, pump up the bball, run a couple suicides and get ready to Scallenge the White Mamba.

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