Lowe: Rudy Gay could become a Celtic

You can add another name to the list of potential players the Celtics could trade for: Rudy Gay.

In a recent article on Grantland, Zach Lowe talks about the salary dilemma the Memphis Grizzles currently face and offers moving Rudy Gay as a solution. He presents multiple teams that Gay could be dealt to and Boston is one of them.

Lowe's scenario involves trading Avery Bradley, Courtney Lee and Jeff Green for Gay. No way this deal goes through because the Grizzles newly hired stat guru John Hollinger has been very vocal about his disdain for Green's game and his contract.

Even if Memphis were open to this deal, Gay would not be happy. He would have to sit the bench because there is no way Doc Rivers sits Paul Pierce. Sitting Ray Allen is one thing, but sitting the face of the franchise for over a decade when he still has the ability to drop 30 on any given night? No chance.

Another issue with this proposal is getting rid of Bradley without a replacement. The Celtics have had most of half a season to see what they have for guards without Bradley and it hasn't been too good. They would also be giving up Lee, so the backcourt would be Rajon Rondo, Jason Terry and Leandro Barbosa. Terry is much better suited off the bench and Barbosa is a liability on defense.

Lowe also proposes offering Brandon Bass instead of Green, but that makes the small forward problem even more complicated. Some are already clamoring for Green to get more minutes and with Gay in the lineup, Green would have to play much more at the four spot, something he has not been too successful at in the past.

The final proposal is Pierce for Gay straight up. While I put nothing past Danny Ainge, that move doesn't really make Memphis better and puts Green in an awkward spot. It's always been assumed that Green would take over for Pierce whenever he retires, but that idea would go right out the window with a new 26-year-old top-flight wing under contract until 2015.

Gay is a good player and would be a huge piece to many teams' championship hopes, but seeing Gay in green anytime soon doesn't seem likely.

There is still a month to go until the trade deadline, and while the Celtics do need to make a move, it's not for a wing. With the Celtics below .500, looking to for a trade, and talent to offer, the trade rumors and proposals don't seem to be slowing down any times soon.