Boston's Avery Bradley: a point made for this season

It seems like Doc Rivers will never have the team that he pictured having for the 2013 season. Even with all-star point man, Rajon Rondo running the show; it hasn't necessarily been panning out. One thing for sure Rondo's injury will prove once and for all, whether or not Avery Bradley has point guard skills.

The Celtics need only to look at  the New England Patriots, Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe situation for feedback.  Bledsoe had all the physical tools to be a great quaterback but the team would not follow his lead.

I am not saying that this Celtic team does not embrace Rondo as its leader, but it is hard to assume the mantle while the incumbent (Paul Pierce) is still viewed as the man of the hour.  Brady just made it look easy and he had a coach who doesn't get bogged down in sentimentality when determining the teams' direction.

Avery Bradley is no stranger to adversity, having started his NBA career on injured reserve and ending his breakout 2012 season in the same fashion. You can go back as far as his high school days when his mother and AAU coach, Gary Ward talked him into going to Las Vegas' Findlay Prep and how he handles challenging situations.

This interview with CSNNE reporter, Jessica Camarato talks about it and how AB's ability to be task-oriented helped lay the foundation for what could be the biggest moment of his NBA career. Camarato's  article also talks about the intangibles that may make others take notice of the leadership skills that he will need to call upon.

Doc Rivers had no choice but to hand Rondo the keys early in his career; but he has never shied away from his belief in Avery.   The kicker is, can Bradley's tenacity spark this anemic offense in the same manner as it did the defense?

Starting Wednesday, he will have a chance to prove Doc  right and  too show that he has the point skills that could make him a truly devastating force in the NBA and cement his status as part of the future here in Boston.