Realization Time for the Boston Celtics

My exact face when I found out Rajon Rondo was out for the season.

It is time my friends, time to say good-bye to this current Celtics group, and start to realize that the quest for 18 this season is over. Possibly, even out for a while.

After Rajon Rondo tore his Anterior Cruciate Ligament, I realized, we just aren't that good, and heck, we should have realized that after last post-season or maybe even the season before. Yes, we made it to the Eastern Conference finals and was one win away from beating the defending champions. We played a Hawks team that will never win anything, and an 8th seeded Philly team that would have lost to the Bulls if Derrick Rose didn't "pull a Rajon Rondo" and get hurt in the first game of the series. KG and Paul Pierce got a year older, they can not carry the load that they have been carrying. Rajon Rondo this season has been having great stats on a bad team, like a Kevin Love, or a Monte Ellis. Triple-Double's in losses? I find that insane. Rajon Rondo is an All-star, but he is not great enough to put his team on his back and get us to a championship, face it Celtics' fans.

After the Atlanta game, I thought it was time to shake things up, but after Rondo's injury, I feel like we just need to break it up and start over. No trades this season though, let's make a run at 8th seed, beat the Heat twice in the playoffs and lose in 6 games. Then this summer its time to rebuild. Why you ask? Well here is my take:

Being a Boston Celtic fan, I think we overvalue some of our players(Avery Bradley, Jared Sullinger, Brandan Bass, etc.). I think they are average to great role players at best at the end of their career, but if we have a chance to get a quality caliber starter/boarder-line all-star, shouldn't make the trade? Rajon Rondo is a do it all point guard, but wasn't he suppose to be an MVP candidate at the beginning of the season? I don't think Rondo is great enough to be the best player on a championship team, maybe the second best but not the first. His skill-set would be a great Robin to someones' Batman, like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. KG and Paul Pierce I would love to retire as Celtics, but even they only have a lot of value to our team compared to others. With KG's no trade clause, it will be very hard to move him, and with Paul, the only trade I might accept is him for Rudy Gay straight up, and even that would be tough to swallow.

I just think we as Boston Celtic fans need to realize that the Big Three Era ended when Judas Shuttlesworth left, and it is time for us to move on to a new Boston Celtics era, an era of uncertainty. This year's draft class apparently won't be that great according to experts, and with no big free agent names coming until summer of 2014, our future looks bleak. Jeff Green is not the savior of our team, while we don't even have a pure center on our roster. I think it's time for a huge change, which i know we don't want to hear but this group of Celtics that we have known and loved are done, finished, put a sock in them, as Kenny the Jet would say, "It's over ladies and gentlemen!"

All I am asking for though is to enjoy the Celtics as much as you can. Who knows, it might be the last time we see the Boston Celtics' legend Paul Pierce in a Boston Celtics uniform or see Kevin Garnett's tenacity on our defense. I know I will cherish these last few moments even if we end up losing.

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