ESPN reporting Celtics "highly interested" in DeMarcus Cousins

With DeMarcus Cousins continuing to get into trouble in Sacramento, the buzz is starting to grow that the Kings might be finally ready to move the very talented, but troubled center. Marc Stein of ESPN is reporting that the Celtics are "highly interested" in the 22 year old (averaging 17 points and 10 rebounds per game this season).
Front-office sources say that Boston and Detroit, just to name two teams, have let it be known that they are highly interested if and when Cousins does become available. Rest assured there will be more.

Even after all the warnings about the 22-year-old coming out of Kentucky and all the bad shots he's hoisted in Sacramento, where he doesn't seem interested in listening to anyone and also suffers from the lack of a proven point guard who can make the game easier for him, Cousins will continue to draw considerable interest because there are so few young bigs these days with his size, skill and mobility.

Stein also believes that Kings GM Geoff Petrie is willing to entertain offers for Cousins, but their owners the Maloof brothers are not. As long as the owners aren't willing to let Cousins go, he isn't going anywhere (Especially not for a subpar offer). Right now the 3 players the Kings would have interest in are Avery Bradley, Jared Sullinger, and Fab Melo. If Jeff Green all of a sudden put up a string of great games than maybe he'd also be on that list, but the Kings might still pass on him due to his contract.

Most likely the Kings will ask for all three of Bradley, Sullinger, and Melo, and Danny will counter byoffering one, which the Kings will swiftly decline (Chris Sheridan thinks the Celtics should trade all three for Cousins). In the end if a deal is made between these two teams expect two of those three players to be headed to Sacramento (No, the Kings don't want Lee or Bass. Sorry. And again, unless Green pulls a 180 and starts playing great, they won't want to touch him either). Bradley, Sully, and Melo are the assets that teams want. What would you offer for Cousins? Or would you pass altogether on him? Regardless what you want, it appears that continued reports are saying Danny has eyes for Cousins.

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