Can you beat Brian Scalabrine one-on-one?

Are you better than the last guy on the 2008 Celtics bench? Brian Scalabrine doesn’t think so. #44 was on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s morning show Toucher and Rich today, and they discussed how Scal has been challenged by people to play one-on-one who legitimately think they can beat him. The full details haven’t been worked out yet but basically mid-January the Sports Hub will have a contest where people will send in a video highlight real and explain why they think they can beat Scal one-on-one. The Basketball Jones has a quote from another radio program that Scal was on discussing this contest:

In Boston right now, we have this challenge going out. I do a radio show out there, and there are people on the street that really believe they can beat me. So we’re doing tryouts for the top 10 people in Boston to play me one-on-one.

And we’re playing to 11. And we’re gonna film it, everything. The reality of people and what they think NBA players are like. I’m the last guy on the bench and I will kick your butt if you’re out on the streets. It’s just the way it is.

T&R haven’t posted it officially yet but after the New Year it will be in the works. Scal has only been out of the league for a year, and had contract offers to play overseas. In the interview he said how he was about to play for an Israel pro basketball team but while he was there visiting with his wife two missiles flew over the arena and into the ocean. That was when he decided that the Comcast gig was a better idea. Another part of the interview they talked about a crazy commercial he was in for some energy water, and T&R posted that on their Facebook page.

Its stuff like this that makes me love Scal more and more, and I hope that he replaces Tommy when he’s all said and done. I can’t wait to see how this turns out. I remember watching Scal play pre-2008 championship and my buddy saying ‘I can’t believe this guy is in the league, he’s the worst NBA player, I’m better than this guy.’ Now it’s time for people to put up or shut up. Like Scal said he’s the last guy on the bench and he’ll still smoke anyone at basketball. Get your highlight reel videos ready guys, Scal wants to play you.

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