Celtics stole Barbosa from the Lakers

Celtics Life reader and Brazilian native ThunWest was kind enough to translate a lengthy interview with new Celtic, Leandro Barbosa:
Reporter – After playing at 3 minor markets. How are your expectations to defend one of the most traditional teams in the NBA?
LB – I’m very happy. Always I get out to make some tests people come give me praise, congratulations, and wish good luck. I’m very glad with this recruitment, it’s being cool for both of us.
Reporter – You arrive to the Celtics almost in the end of the pre-season. Can it impair you anyway? How do you intend recover the time lost?
LB – I think I didn’t lose many things. I get the system fast, the play style, the adaptation and everything else. We’ll have one week of practice before the start of the regular season at 30. I don’t believe it’s gonna be an obstacle. With time, I’ll be there.
Reporter –Were you afraid of not getting a contract with a NBA team this season? Did you have another plan if you couldn’t get it?
LB – Who took care of everything was my businessman. Moreover they asked me to hurry up and travel , so I had to come here in the same day I knew about the contract. I didn’t fear to be without a team in the NBA, things happens naturally. Of course, if there wasn’t a deal, I’d play in Brazil. Thanks God they contracted me and I’m here. But it wouldn’t be a nightmare if I don’t get a deal, life goes on.
Reporter – Excluding Boston deal, were you negotiating with other team in the NBA?
LB – I was negotiating with the Lakers, it was close to happen. The problem was they would have to waive 2 guys to get space for me in their payroll and just God knows how it would happen. It wouldn’t happen so fast, my agent talked to Boston and I came here.
Reporter –You signed for the Vet Min, one year-deal. How do you face this salary reduction? Do you believe this can be the last chance to show your work and get a longer deal in the NBA?
LB – It’s normal, in life there is not last chance. It’s another chance I have to arrive. What I’m looking for is to be a NBA champion. I don’t wanna be better than anyone. My past was good and everybody know I can help. It’s the most important.
Reporter –At Boston, you will find some teammates in the same position like Jason Terry, Courtney Lee and Avery Bradley. Are you afraid your minutes on the floor get reduced?
LB – There is competition in every team. It may happen you get few minutes, it may happen you get many minutes. It’s up to me.
Reporter – What position do you think you will be used, like a SG or a backup to Rondo at the PG?
LB – I talked to Danny, a he said he wants me playing aside Jason Terry. I’ll bring the ball, and he will play the 2.
Reporter – Last season you didn’t repeat the great performances of others years. What was wrong to you on the Raptors and Pacers?
LB – It’ all an adaption question. I stayed many years in Phoenix, sometimes you find a different game style and your adaptation is not good. We think it’s not going to bother in the end, but it does. The bottom line is to be here in a good team that runs a lot, that’s my job. Like Danny Ainge wants me playing the 1, I’ll attack the ball. It may be a good thing. We’ll see.
Reporter – Everybody considers you a good scorer, but you signed for a team recognized for a strong defense. How will you adapt to this style of playing?
LB – It's not a hard thing. Here in the NBA, you need to know how to defend, because you won’t have space if you don’t do it. I’ll adapt myself to their system and offensively things will come naturally.
Reporter – Celtics are unpopular for some players due defiances on the floor, like happens to KG and PP. You are known like a good kid. Will you have to change your style?LB – I’ll be like them, I’m on their team right now. When I was on the other side playing against them, I thought the same thing. Now that I’m on this other side I’m all in with them. If I have to do it, I’ll do it.
Reporter – Celtics pursued another Brazilian, the center Fab Melo. How can you contribute to his development of this franchise promise ?
LB – I’ll try to help the best way I can. Like a Brazilian, I want to see everybody well. Being from my country, it’s another motivation to support him, showing what is right and wrong. He is going to have many experienced players on the team and I believe he will enjoy this opportunity to grow up in his career. But it’s all up to him, he needs to want to be a great player. Potential he has and help will be there.
Reporter – Lakers and Heat open the season like title favorites. DO you put the Celtics in this list?
LB – We can be over about stars, but talking about team we can give many trouble for Heat and Lakers. This we will know during the season.

As expected Danny talked to Barbosa about his role before the signing and his role will be to play the point, so that Terry can play the 2 guard position. Barbosa isn't concerned about only being paid the ve minimum. What's most important to Barbosa is an NBA championship. You snooze you lose Lakers. Happy to have Leandro in Boston. Big thanks to ThunWest for the interview and translation.