Rajon Rondo and I have something in common

We're both bloggers.

Rondo recently posted his first blog for GQ, where - as you must know by now - he's interning right now.

His first post was about winter hats. Not a topic that particularly interests me. When I shop for clothes, most of the time I just grab the first thing that looks like what I'm looking for. In and out. Rondo apparently takes a lot of other things into consideration as he wrote a whole post about them. This paragraph is literally the most I can write about winter hats.

Rajon Rondo, GQ:
What I quickly learned about Boston is that when winter comes—forget scarves and gloves—this is the must-have accessory to get through the cold weather. Some people call them beanies, skullies, or if you're from the Midwest we call them toboggans. Going to work everyday, I make sure never to leave the house without one. I surveyed over 100 different types, some in the GQ closet, some from lookbooks, and picked out the top four from this season.