Darko looks huge

I was excited to hear that the Celtics had surprisingly signed Darko Milicic last week. I though he would be out of our price range. For the league minimum the 27 year old 7 footer seemed like a steal. Then all the reports came out of Wolves coach Rick Adelman wanting Darko gone as a top goal of the offseason. How Darko was in poor shape and didn't seem to want it out on the court. I've seen a few pics of Darko during the past week and he looks like he's still out of shape. He's going to have to trim down if he plans on contributing anything this season.

To his credit, he said the right things today during media day:
"For me, I stopped chasing the dream of being a second pick a long time ago. All I was asking my teams that I played with is if they'd let me be the best that I can be."

"I'm going to do my best to get my minutes, but right now it's not about me, it's about the team."

p.s. Looks like Celtics Life already has a nickname for Milicic: Darko Knight. Then again nicknames work much better if a player is actually contributing, so the jury is still out on that.