Ray to stay overnight in Miami continuing negotiations with Heat

Pardon me while I vent for a minute. Ray you're really going to go to Miami to get paid less to play for our rival? You don't like the drama in Boston, but you think the shit show that is the Miami Heatles will be more your speed? They don't say "Ubuntu" before games, they say "Heatles." That alone should make you steer clear. The Herald reported this morning that you would have signed with Boston already if they met your salary demands. So is it about money? Are you trying to squeeze more money out of the Celtics? You've made over $178 million for your career. The Celtics just offered you another $12 million to play for them until you turn 39.

I'd understand going to the Heat if they were offering you more or if the Celtics weren't looking to re-sign you, but the Celtics are offering you more than any other team. That right there should say respect. Doc loves you. KG loves you. Pierce loves. The fans love you. So what if you and Rajon Rondo aren't best buds? Does he or does he not still pass the ball to you right on the money? How will you like it when you're getting killed on defense in Miami and LeBron starts mean mugging you? Grass isn't always greener elsewhere Sugar Ray.

Picture by Edwin Khu. Thanks Rudy T. from the Shout Box for the link.