Report: Jeff Green's contract could be 4 years, $40 million

Sam Amick,
On the Celtics front, agent David Falk continues to say he thinks a deal gets done with Boston for free agent forward Jeff Green. One source with knowledge of the talks says it may be in the four years, $40 million neighborhood, but it is not done.
"I’m confident it’ll get done," Falk told "I guess they got (Brandon) Bass' (contract) done, which is great. Jeff is trying to get a sense of what the team looks like first before he makes a commitment, but I expect he’ll be there and I expect it’ll be done by the 11th (when the free agency moratorium ends). We’ve gotten a lot of interest from other teams. But as far as Boston, we’re very confident we’ll get it done.

Jeff Green is about to get PAID. This is the number I predicted Green was looking for and it makes the Suns 3 year/$18 million deal with Michel Beasley look like a steal in comparison. I guess it pays to be young, athletic, have good character, and have been a part of a very unpopular trade. I hope Danny is signing Green to star money because he expects Jeff to be a star, and not just to cover his butt for the Kendrick Perkins trade. You don't want to compound a mistake with another one. Green better end up being a star.

I liked the idea of Green playing last year on a one year deal as he tried to earn that big contract. The heart issue obviously derailed that, but it looks like Green will get the contract anyway. Risky move on the Celtics part, but I'm excited to see Green back with Boston.