Does Sean Williams have a spot on next season's roster?

Does former Boston College shot blocker Sean Williams have a spot on next season's roster? Sure sounds like it listening to assistant coach Tyronn Lue discuss Williams during Celtics summer camp.
One player who continues to impress all concerned with his work and ability to keep his notoriously uneven focus in check is Sean Williams. At 25, Williams is the senior player on the Celtics roster.

“I just had a talk with him a second ago,” said Lue. “We’re not looking for him to score. We just want you to do what you’re going to do on this team next year — rebound, block shots, run the floor. He understood. Just do what you do.

“He’s a phenomenal shot blocker, great rebounder, he can run the floor and show on pick-and-rolls. He has a lot of talent. For sure, he belongs in this league."

The Celtics this past postseason didn't have any depth down low. Stiemsma was very limited due to his injured feet and Ryan Hollins was... well Ryan Hollins. With news that Stiemsma is very likely gone the Celtics are in desperate need for some veteran center depth. Right now the only true center they have on the roster is the very raw rookie Fab Melo. He has potential, but expecting him to contribute on a contender at this point of his career is unfair. Considering the Celtics cap restraints, they don't have the ability to sign a real difference maker in the pivot. You're looking at a guy like Chris Wilcox (a power forward) or Nenad Krstic.

Sean Williams was sort of the forgotten man on the Celtics playoff roster. Talent has never been his problem. If he keeps doing the right thing out there expect him to be one of the 15 that makes the opening night roster.