Stiemsma very likely gone; Green gets $36 million

Boston Herald
[Jeff Green's] new deal, again starting at $9 million, will be worth $36 million over four years, according to a source.

Greg Stiemsma, who pulled out of his slot on the USA Select Team, which was scheduled to spar against the USA Olympic team, may turn out to be too expensive for the Celtics.

Stiemsma, after meeting twice with Minnesota, reportedly was offered a contract for $3 million next season.

The Celtics, since they are over the cap, would not be able to match a $3 million dollar contract for Stiemsma, so it appears like Boston's shot blocking center will be a one and done in green. Speaking of green, Jeff Green did in fact get the big contract he wanted dating back two Summers ago to his negotiations with the Thunder. While Green does have potential, lots of guys in the NBA have potential and don't get $36 million contracts. Then again, lots of GM's overpay for guys when they fear losing them. Ainge is either a big fan of Jeff's game or didn't want to see his Perk prize walk for nothing. Maybe it was a little of both. Also, keep in mind that if Ainge let Green walk, it's not like the Celtics would be allowed to use that $9 million a year elsewhere.

I still feel like the best move would have been to have given Green a $6 million qualifying offer last off season (after the heart diagnosis). Falk warned Ainge not to rescind the QO. We would have gotten an injury exemption (for half the contract that we could have used on a player to put us over the top this past season). This also would have given Ainge flexibility trade wise both at the trade deadline and this Summer (For example in a sign-and-trade for a guy like Josh Smith). Again Falk warned Ainge that removing the QO could be costly for the Celtics this Summer, but Ainge didn't listen.

I will say that Jeff Green seems like a genuinely good guy, so it will be easy to root for him. Hopefully fans don't hold the contract against him (Like you'd turn it down?) and this season becomes Jeff's breakout year. Needless to say Green's emergence would be huge for this team.