Jeff Green's agent "feels good" about his return to Boston

The day before free agency officially begins, we got great news in Kevin Garnett returning to the Celtics. It also appears as though Jeff Green will likely play in Boston again next year.

The Boston Herald spoke to Green's agent David Falk at length, who had some great things to say about Green's health and his relationship with the Celtics.

According to Falk, Green has been cleared and is 100% healthy. He has been working out, playing 5-on-5, and is eager to return. Falk also added that we might see an improved Green on the court:
“He’s going to be better than ever because he sees things differently now. The one thing I think he was missing in his first four years was a sense of urgency and an assertiveness on the court. He was almost too unselfish. And now that basketball was almost taken away from him, I think he’s going to come back with a lot more fire in his belly."

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When asked about Green's potential return to Boston, Falk said:

"I think he’s going to have a lot of interest by a lot of different teams, but I’ve made no bones about the fact he feels a special kinship with Doc (Rivers) and the Celtic tradition."

“I have to do my job, and part of my job is listening to offers,” Falk said. “But unlike almost everyone else in the business, I don’t worry about what number the guys get drafted; I worry about being in the right environment. I think Jeff in Boston’s a great environment for him. We just have to work out the business side."

A few other interesting pieces: Falk is also the agent for newly drafted Jared Sullinger. On top of that, Falk highly commended Danny Ainge on how he dealt with Jeff's heart condition. His kind words about Ainge included:

“You know, in my 38 years in this business, I’ve written an owner a letter twice to commend him on the job of a general manager. One time was in Utah with Kevin O’Connor (who handled a situation with Jeff Malone differently after there had been some friction) and the second time was with Danny.

“I thought the way Danny managed Jeff’s injury situation was beyond professional. It was special to me, and I went out of my way to let Wyc (Grousbeck) know how much I appreciated it. I’m a person who puts a lot of stock in goodwill, so to me Danny Ainge has earned a lot of goodwill. It doesn’t mean we’re going to do it for free, but I really feel good about the situation.”

If Green's agent feels good about the situation, and Green has obviously also kept his ties with Boston while attending a lot of the games this season, then I feel pretty good about the possibilities of Green's return as well.

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