There will be revenge

After another shameful refereeing to start the Miami-Boston series we can be sure of one thing:

The Celtics will strike hard on game 2 to claim for revenge and tie the series 1-1

Another thing is sure: if you are called LeBron James, beware of Kevin Garnett. You just got him fired up. He will both get a monster game and also laugh at you on game 2.

Obviously I would have loved to see KG smack that loser´s head and I would have enjoyed it. That punk deserved it. But Garnett is already thinking about delivering in game 2.

I am sure the Celtics will get great performances from Paul Pierce (who must be incredibly frustrated right now), Rajon Rondo (who couldn´t be a factor tonight) and Ray Allen. Most importantly, I think Kevin Garnett will have the best game of the playoffs on Wednesday.

Everybody knows LeBron is a classless act. Everybody knows Wade is a punk. Everybody knows the Heat are favored by Stern. Everybody knows the refs suck.

Heck, you even have Van Gundy and Breen complaining about the refs on national TV. This should clear any trace of doubt. Check this out:

The same referee that called the tech on Doc for saying "Come on, Eddie" is looking at the scene of LeBron taunting and doing nothing about it. Can you spot him on the bottom left of the pic? I bet they expected KG to hit LeBron so they could suspend him for game 2. Too bad, Eddie you will have to fight harder to get the Celtics out of the series.

I am sure this picture is already in the Celtics locker room, serving as motivation for preparing the next game. Oh, LeBron, you just don´t know what you have just done.

Everybody knows the league is not clean, and that they don´t even try to hide.

But what LeBron and the rest of those divas don´t know is that the Celtics are not dead and they will show the nature of a real team out there.

Listen LeBron, the Celtics are banged up and old. The Celtics don´t have the athleticism or just the legs to be a matchup in that sense to the younger teams in the league. But be sure of this, Mr James:

The Celtics have more class, more IQ, more guts and more talent than you will ever have.

And remember Bron, we still have something you can´t even smell: NBA championships

Let´s prepare for game 2. We will rock.

Let´s go Celtics!