Win an autographed John Havlicek photograph

Our friend Lance Roehl from Game 7 who has done several giveaways for Celtics Life fans in the past is offering up his 16x20 signed John Havlicek photo (seen above). The autographed photo is valued at $228.94.

Here are the rules via Lance:
I would like to have a promotion on Celtics Life to give away the photograph. Anyone that purchases a Sam Jones shirt between now and the end of the NBA Playoffs (or until we sell out, which ever comes first) will have their name put in the drawing. If someone buys two shirts, their name will be in there twice... a person buys three shirts, their name is in the drawing three times... etc..... the more a person buys, the better their chances.

When the NBA Playoffs are over, we will draw a name and send them the photo.

There are only 60 Sam Jones shirts still in stock, so at worst your odds of winning the valuable Havlicek piece will be 1 in 60. Of course if only 10 shirts are sold then your odds would be 1 in 10. Unless you bought all 10. Then your odds would be 1 in 1. Ha.

 To make it even more appealing we're selling the Sam Jones shirt for a discounted price of only $9.99 in our Celtics Life store.

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