Marbury wins championship, finds basketball redemption in China

Congrats to former Celtic Stephon Marbury on leading his Beijing Ducks team to the Chinese Basketball Championship. When Marbury decided to take his vaseline eating talents to China, many feared of an imminent international incident. Instead Marbury was able to recapture his love of basketball in China and has found success there and been loved back. I was excited when the Celtics signed Marbury back in 2009, and though he struggled with his shot on the C's, I was impressed at how unselfish he became in Doc Rivers' Ubuntu Celtics system. You could tell he desperately wanted to make things work and he was the catalyst in one of the Celtics 2nd round wins over the Magic.

That team is often forgotten, but it showed tremendous guts without KG, and I contend that they would have repeated as Eastern Conference Champions even without KG, if not for Rashard Lewis' alleged HGH use. Marbury essentially wrote his ticket out of town that Summer with all his viral internet videos and while a CBA championship isn't the same as an NBA championship, it still is a big deal. Whenever you go to war with a team and reach the top at the end it's special. Congrats to Marbury. You just made your future WTHHT much better.

Check out a very cool video on Marbury's Ducks championship after the jump.

Watching that video, you can't help, but see the similarities between Marbury's passion and Kevin Garnett's. It's what made their divorce in Minnesota all the more sad. What could have been for the the Timberwolves. Nice to see both players finally win championships years later (KG's obviously being a bigger deal). Love the "USA" chant by the Chinese fans at the end of the video.