Twice NBA All Star point guard Stephon Marbury will become the highest profile American to play in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) after he agreed to join China's Shanxi Club...
"The aim of signing Marbury is to pay back our fans and try to win more games in the rest of the season," said Shanxi boss Wang Xingjiang...
Wang added that Marbury's salary would not be too high because the former New Jersey Nets and Phoenix Suns player wanted to promote his personal brand of shoes in China.
Shanxi last season hired former NBA player Bonzi Wells, who scored as many as 50 points a game. The contract ended after less than two months when Wells went on holiday but failed to return on time.
Starbury is taking his act to China. Supposedly in part to market his sneakers. Big market over there I must say. So is Marbury a savvy entrepreneur or should we be expecting an international incident in less than a month?

JR 1/18/2010 03:47:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Marbury > Any PG that has ever played for the Celtics.

  2. JR says:

    Yes!!! One of the Marburys reads CelticsLife! :-)

  3. Norman D says:

    Zach Marbury is that you?

  4. ACF says:

    Yes, I am sure Marbs is better than Cousy. Just look at all his rings. Oh, wait...

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