Lebanese player scores 113 points in a game

Mohammad El Akkari of Moutahed joined the very rare group of players to score more than 100 points in a game on Tuesday, when he reeled in 113 points in the Tripoli side’s 173-141 win against Bejjeh in a Lebanese Division A League Final 8 game.

As per records available, this is first instance of a player scoring more than 100 points in an official game played in any of the leagues in FIBA Asia National Federations.

Akkari, a 27-year-old guard had a none-too-impressive season with Moutahed – his seventh successive season with the Tripoli club – averaging 7.6 points in the 23 games he had played till Tuesday.

But this night belonged to Akkari as he sent all the scoring records out of the roof with his stellar show.

Akkari reeled in an incredible 32 three-pointers out of 59 attempts in an overall 40/69 field shooting and a solitary free-throw

“Thank god for this performance. I think it’s all a result of my practice,” Akkari said from the team bus on his way back to Tripoli.

I know this has nothing to do with the Celtics or even the NBA for that matter, but 113 points? Damn. 32 three pointers made is no joke. The fact that Akkari was only averaging 7.6 ppg on the season makes it that much sweeter. If you're the opposing coach, don't you at some point tell your players, "See that guy with the #10 on? Yeah the guy who has like 80 points. Do me a favor and stop letting him get the ball."