Comments from the other side - Spurs 4/4

Tough loss last night, but it did show that the Celtics can play with them. It could have gone either way. I was hoping someone other than Pierce would have taken that last shot. He hasn't been doing so well on game winners recently. Lots of love for Avery from Spurs fans and hate for everyone else :) These aren't as much fun when we lose but hope you enjoy them anyway.

Not expecting a win tonight
Boston always plays well vs the spurs
Last time they played us at home rondo had 22 points and he won the game by killing us from mid range

Ray allens also back to punish green for going under screens

Avery Bradley might be the best guard defender ive ever seen in a long long time

Take a shot every time someone refers to these teams as "veteran ball clubs" and hope that you aren't heading down a tunnel towards a bright light by the end of the 1st quarter.

I want this one bad not many players I've hated more than Gay-g or the leagues biggest pussy(besides maybe Chris Paul) ray Allen.

I have not seen Avery Bradley much but from what I have seen he really looks like a beast defender tbh.

God I hate the Celtics. Please win.

Rondo is the most over-hyped, over rated, over everything PG. NO WONDER he has 300+ assists a game! If I had KG Pierce and Allen on MY team I had BETTER be passing the ball! Tony usually out plays Rondo and Crayon Rondo won't be near as efficient.

I would disagree and say he's underrated and under-hyped. Solid defender who facilitates well and is strong at the rim.

X-factor tonight? Danny Green. He's a matchup issue for the slow and jumper-happy Pierce.

I don't think our starters will play very much tonight... But that's because we'll be blowing them out by halftime.

Ray Allen starting for the Celtics dam

Spurs win and Rondo finally going postal on Doc & Garnett

Oh how wonderful we get to hear the unrivaled homerism of the one and only Tom Hensohn. Joy….

I hope the spurs put a beatdown on the C’s just so I can hear all the excuses he comes up with why they are losing

I hope someone starts a fight so Sjax can beat the F*** outta that bitch gaynett

God I hate the Celtics.

When did Rondo learn how to shoot?

Better play some D or C's are gonna make everything. They are one of the best and most efficient teams in the entire league.

How are those not fouls on Parker's jumpers? I guess you are allowed to bump shooters in Boston.

Gonna be a long night 8 on 5. Looks like Big David wants the Celtics to win the damn game one way or the other

Pierce showing so much emotion after lay-ups. The dude has so much heart.

Another reason why it sucks spurs arent known as a great defensive team anymore Can you imagine SAS getting Boston-esque benefit of the doubt from the refs

Letting Garnett beat us is a good strategy

Rondo plays like he's trying to earn 10's from judges, too fancy for his own good

Come on Spurs, how do we let Pierce dunk the ball. Ugh

Forgot how much I hated Pierce Oh wait. No I didn’t

Too much midrange jumpers for the C’s

Hey is Sasha didn’t think he was in the league anymore….

If he’s the second man off the bench, the Celtics have depth troubles

Rondo is a bad foul shoorer…he should be a Spur

How do you hit all your jumpers Rondo, and then miss a 2 free throws? Doesn't make sense.

I hate being victimized by the cutting C’s

Why is Bradley killing us?? Come on!

This Bradley is good

I dig this arena silence…

I hate this arena … I love the Silence

Garnnet being a jerk pushing Timmy

Tim has always enjoyed making Garnet nuts. And he does it virtually every time by just keeping his cool while Garnett goes rabid.

Damn Boston's D is actually much worse than ours. Can't complain.

So it's cool in this game jus to mug Tim?

Refs tonight are not calling anyting for the spurs

Refs...It's getting obvious. Make a call

I sear that one ref looks like he must be getting paid for this game by the Boston Mafia.

I actually like the way the refs call the game in the first half. Celtics and spurs both allowed to be physical It's playoff training camp

Pierce is down!!! Get him a wheelchair!!!!

These two teams have set basketball back by about 70 years tonight.

Timmy ages like a fine win. KG not so much I think.

Neal, you’re not Rondo, you can shoot, and can’t play defense

Is Rondo ever going to sit?

Lets hope for his legs giving out

Their Bradley looks like pretty good player

I want to punch Manu on the face right now.

It is sad how the spurs have lacked sort of killer instinct. This will kill us if we can't close out games in the playoffs.

There we have it ... Good defense beats good offense

You kidding right? Boston had nothing to do with that awful quarter...

Bradley eating TPs lunch, damn.

The Celtics D on the PnR is pretty damn impressive tonight.

Time to run those old men on the Celtics into the ground. Pick up the pace.

Neal you are one stupid idiot

Well the refs finally got the Celtics right back in this game so now San Antonio should pull ahead to finish them off, right?

That kid Bradley is one of the best young defenders in the league.

Is Boston's defense that good or is the offense just not quite as good as it appears?

Boston's D is legit.

What's it take to get a foul call this game it is unreal

So somebody drives and Bradley cuts to the basket and gets the pass. How many times are we going to see that tonight?

I disagree w people not giving Boston's d credit. They are eating this Spurs offense up. Bradley is making TP look like Cory Joesph 1 on 1

Bostons defense is eating is for lunch
It's no coincidence this is the worst the spurs guards have looked since Memphis series game six This is why no one outside of SA takes this team seriously

Well...looks like the "deepest Spurs team ever" posts are now going to get a well deserved rest. Unfortunately, they'll be replaced with the "Pop sucks" and "Bonner needs to be out" one of which really does need to happen.

Rondo u lil bug.

Are you kidding me? Someone shoot Heinsohn please.

I wouldn't mind if Tommy lost his ability to speak

KG getting away with two blatant offensive fouls.

Also, if people aren't giving Boston's D credit they're out of their minds. They've completely destroyed the Spurs PnR in the 2nd half. Credit to Boston and Doc for that.

I think if we win this, Pop will think his line-ups are okay. So, maybe we should lose?

Does anyone think that Pop might have done this on purpose to show the guys what a good defensive team can do to us before the playoffs even begin?

What a lucky azz win. I'll take it

Count that as a STEAL!!!!!! We stole that game.

Scary play. Pierce is clutch as hell. Ugly, lucky win but it's a win

Doc's teams, no matter how unathletic or lacking in offense, are always coached well on the BB IQ side of things...and I think the Spurs just didn't have the "necessary fear" cuz they figured they could run up the score (which they did for a while). But good teams don't go away, and Pop's line-ups are still hopefully lesson learned! Or not. :/

This game is a good example of if you dominate the rebound you have a chance even if you are playing horrible

Sloppy win. Never should have come down to the last possession but the Celts have championship players who aren't going to stop competing.

That Bradley kid is a great defender

Pop looked clueless when they went small. Doc outcoached him the ENTIRE second half

You can always count on players with terrible shot selection like Pierce to blow the game for the opposing team. Glad we got that win.