KG not feeling Doc's comments from Thursday night

So Doc went off on the team's effort following Thursday night's disappointing loss to the Rose-less Bulls. Here's what Kevin Garnett had to say via the Globe:
“That’s disappointing, he said that to us,’’ Garnett said. “I’m out there on the floor, I don’t think nobody is out there playing [with less effort] or [half-hearted]. Maybe he assessed something different.

“The coaches obviously have to get us going, put us in the right position to obviously go out and execute the game plan, but if that’s what he saw, that’s what he saw. I can’t go off that. I just have to prepare to play as hard as I can, be ready to play.’’

Definitely worth posting, but nothing really to see here (I know that contradicts itself, but it makes sense in my head). I highly doubt Doc Rivers was calling out Garnett. KG brings it every night. But Doc being the good coach he is doesn't want to single out the main culprits by name, so he talks about "the team." This happens all the time with coaches. I've had halftimes where I tell my players, "You guys aren't boxing out at all," and the lone player who actually is takes it personally. Then you have to point out you're talking to the team as a whole.

I'm glad Doc lit into the team's effort Thursday night. From time to time they need a kick in the pants. Plus we go the phrase "playing cool" out of it, which I most likely will use a few times in the Shout Box tonight during the game. I expect a high energy game out of the Celtics tonight. Bird's Pacers are tough, especially at home though. Should be a good game.