Kevin Garnett: "I can shoot 3's"

Kevin Garnett hit another 3 pointer in today's victory, so you knew he was going to be asked about it afterwards. Here's is KG's rant via Jessica Camerato's twitter:
"I can shoot 3's" pt 1: "Listen, I can shoot 3's. Cut this, alright? Because I don't want anymore questions about this. I can shoot 3's. You all are acting like I'm 50 and I'm out here on one leg."

"When I walk around the streets, you all can stop acting like you're shocked that I can shoot 3's. Everybody in Boston, everybody in the world, everybody in Minnesota, LA, wherever I'm at, Concord, Lexington, Burlington. I can shoot 3's. Let that go. I can shoot 3's."

"Look, do not get all like, 'Shoot a 3!' I don't want that. Like, you know how they used to do to Scal? 'Shoot!' No, do not do that to me, ok? I'm not on the Celtics to be out here shooting 3's. I am here to do other things, not shoot 3's. But I can shoot 3's."

KG should shoot them. I mean he shoots such a great percentage right in front of the line. Why not increase your points 50%? He actually should have started shooting them years ago. Even Kevin McHale, arguably the best low post player in NBA history, became a 3 point shooter late in his career.