Comments from the other side - Raptors 2/10

 Well, this was depressing.  What's even more depressing is I'm seeing some of the negative comments toward the Celtics on Celtics boards that I've been amazed at on the others.  I've always been proud of how Celtics fans stand behind their team but it seems that these last two losses with little effort from the Celtics have some Celtics fans ready to bail on the team.  Count me among those who are expecting a turn around and a strong post season run. That being said, at least I'm not reading any Celtics' boards talking about tanking.   I think Raptors fans have been for tanking every year since Bosh left.    Here are today's comments, enjoy them as much as you can under the circumstances.

I hate the Celtics. If we don't lose by 20+, I'll be happy

I'm looking forward more to the LA and Knicks game, I'm tired of Raps and Celtics games

We'll win. Just put kleiza in defense somewhere near the basket and Rondo will spend all his minutes at the three point line

This will be a blowout. Garnett and Pierce are not happy from there shooting performances last night. Expect them to both come out guns blazing and to put us away by the 3rd quarter.

Let's see how Garnett will taunt Gray

He usually taunts smaller players

C's have no chance after last nights OT game.

I have a feeling the raptors will win this one!

I don't think we have to worry about the tank getting derailed tonight.

I predict a 1st qtr melt down.

Not gonna lie, more interested in the knicks/lakers game, than seeing the tired ass Celts tired as shiet from playing real ball the night before come in here and walk out with a win.

I feel that we will win this game. The Celtics game against the Lakers went into to. Back to back with old legs, and a rested raps being hungry for a win.

Let's see, they beat us by 40 without Rondo (who was originally injured by LK). Rondo's back and probably pissed, and we don't have Bayless. My Magic 8-Ball says "Reply not at all hazy. Lose big".

It'll be a close loss just because the old Celtics will be tired. Paul Pierce played 48 minutes last night.

Ray knows how to get around / through screens while sticking to Demar. Not surprising since Ray is the master of using screens for his own offense so he's very aware of how to get through them on defense.

Who will Kleiza fight with today?

Boston looks old

Celtics look off. Maybe we can win this one.

Celtics look like they don't want to play

Ray allens jumper is just plain sexy

Definitely seems like this tired Celtics team is there for the taking... Would be the first time we've beaten them in this "big-3" era, right?

Lmao @ the Celtics they look horrible

It's like the Celtics want to lend us a 15 point lead only to come and break the Raptors heart. I've watched this movie before

I know the Celtics are tired but this is a pathetic showing so far

Wow the Celtics are SO old.

Somebody from their bench wil bury the Raps soon enough.

Did KG get a tan? He looked super dark tonight.

The Boston announcers are the worst. I picture then calling the game in recliners, sporting Rondo jerseys while waiving Celtics flags and eating chowdah.

How many quarters have to be played before the refs can call the game on account of rain with the Raptors ahead? So far so good

I love Rasual Butler. His new middle name should be tank.

Reffing bad once again Mostly hurting Celts tho … yay!

Doc is the best coach man!!

KG can't believe he got called for that.

Bass provides KG no help at all inside.

Shut up Garnett Put your damn deodorant stained arms down you idiot. It was a foul

Casey is degrading Celtics, putting all these scrubs on the floor.

Wow Toronto is so utterly devoid of talent its scary.

Kennedy always makes bad calls than has that stupid look on his face

Not all refs are as tough as Kleiza, they just don't want Garnet barking at them!

Send Butler and AC to the D league, Casey just can't resist them for some reason.

What are you talking about? They should be banned from playing basketball anywhere.

Boston gets a lot of vet calls

We're trying to lose but Boston needs to pick it up

Celtics are playing like they are old right now... Raptors are playing like they blow... Seriously ugly game. The play is almost YMCA-esque.

Rondo on a 4-1 break pulls up for a jumper. Tank might be in trouble tonight.

Wussup with Boston tonight, ray ray is off, pierce turns it over like crazy....and KG not taunting guys.

**** idiot ref are you serious? Hope he dies on the court

Rondo passes the ball to himself there. Kind of against the basic rules of basketball....

Put Gray back in KG is scared **** of him

I hate all the ugly ass faces of the Celtics, especially rivers, pierce, kg, rondo. Can't even look at these disfigured mofos anymore.

One of the few teams against whom I don't mind an unexpected win

I don't know how you'd compare Pierce to guys who played so long ago. I would ask Tommy Heinsohn for his list of all-time Celtics, he's a ridiculous homer but he's watched, coached or played in about every game since the 50s.

The corpse of Mike Bibby does not deserve to be in the NBA anymore.

Pierce flop master

Get out the wheelchair for Pierce


I swear Kleiza gets into a fight every game.

LK should reinjure Rondo again!

Boston doesn't want to play tonight

Anthony Carter is a neckless tub of goo

We have a better shot of winning the championship than out tanking Charlotte.

KG still picking on guys smaller than him

Don't care about the tank, I just want to embarrass the Celtics.

I wished DeMar had shoved KG to the floor

It's hard to believe that Bosh let himself be intimidated by the fake tough exterior of Garnett all those years.

Getting chippy I hate how Boston turns into a bunch of babies when they start losing like this.

On another note, Boston sucks and needs to start rebuilding. If you can’t beat the Raptors without Bargnani and Bayless, you’re in trouble.

Rondo the princess

I wish dd threw ball at garnetts face and knocked some teeth out

This is probably the first time in Rondo's career that I can honestly say I'm losing respect for him. He is who he is as a player but this is BS.

I support the tank... But suck on it, Heinsohn!

Celtics gonna get raped in the playoffs lol can't wait

Someone knock down KG...I'm sick of his BS

As much as I'm for losing games, I love seeing the Celtics get beat.

Love beating the Celtics. Now lets get back to tanking.

Just a thought..... LAL comes in here Sunday afternoon for their 3rd game in 4days. Could be interesting.

Really a feel-good win by the Raps over the C’s thanks to a complete team effort, and Boston sleep-walking through the first half.

Thank you raps. I really wanted that one. It feels good to shut them down.. Even if they are going to wine about getting in at 3:30AM.