Comments from the other side - Grizzlies 2/5

 Grizzlies fans seem to be more civil than NY fans but still fun.  I love how they start out talking about how old the Celtics are and how they'll run them out of the building and then being amazed at how the Celtics are out-running them.  Also every team wonders how Ray Allen gets open shots.  He runs his tail off through a ton of screens.  These young guys just can't keep up with him :)  Enjoy today's comments!!!

This is definitely a winnable game.

Boston's played well lately. Gonna be tough.

Memphis is going to run all over their old azzez.

Look at who the Celtics have beaten so far this year: Nobody!! Only scrubs like the Raptors and Knicks. In the West they would be a sub-.500 team, let’s get a W today!!

Speights will get destroyed, so will Cunningham vs. KG. Hopefully Gay doesn't stop playing after halftime because Pierce won't

Celtics is a short but fast team. Rondo is back & faster than a wabbit

Boston can't hang with the Speed of our Grizzlies

Rondo, Pierce & Allen can.

Not for 4 quarters....Pierce and Ray Allen have worn out legs. If the Grizz keep pushing the ball like they did against Atl and the first 3 quarters of the OKC game they'll (Pierce/Allen) will be sucking wind

Hopefully they will close out on those 3's. Boston can still shoot them with the best.

If Boston lose who do they blame it on? I'm quite sure every team has a player that the fans blame it on.

Grizzlies can't get a break (unless it's an injury) ****

Rudy's isolation on Pierce is ugly

Opinions on Kevin Garnett?

I like him, but can admit he is a huge thug.

Ray’s really the only Celtic I like since Tony left. Pierce and Rondo are ok, I guess

Think they’re all good players, but as far as personality goes….

I feel like Pietrus is going to drop 18 today

This kind of pace favors us I think. Sloppy though.

They started off sloppier, but then we stepped it up a notch. Nobody out sloppy’s the Grizzlies!

The Boston commentators are putting me to sleep. And also, WHAT GAME ARE THE REFS WATCHING?!

Why are the old ass Celtics running like a track team?

These refs are horrible AGAIN..

Horrible officiating. KG gets a foul call because he misses. Pierce takes Rudy's feet out from under him and no foul.

Is it just me or is this game boring?

Its those vanilla Boston commentators, that and all the fans are more anxious about the superbowl.

The fans in the TD Garden agree with you. It was dead silent during those last free throws Boston had.

Am I just extremely biased, or do we get the worst calls in the league?

Anyone catch that dirty play by Pierce on Gay? After Gay shot the 3, Pierce moved his foot under the shooter and causing Rrudy to land on it. I hope someone puts Pierce into a another wheelchair.

I think if you look at peirce to hard he may end up in a wheelchair

I love that Rondo still can’t shoot free throws after 6 seasons.

Zach would be schooling these nimrods on Boston's front line if he were in there and in game shape.

Oh come on! Really refs?

How on earth can you leave Ray Allen wide open in the corner???

They’ve basically been allowed to manhandle Gasol so far.

Making Boston look like the title contender they used to be.

The Grizz are paying 15 million for a wing who can't get his shot off??

Frustrating to be losing to a team that simply lives and dies by 3pointers and we know that yet we just decide not to guard them

Another 38% shooting half. I mean would it be too much to ask for a professional basketball team to be able to shoot say.....45%?? Not 60% not 50% just 45%.

We are letting the 40 year old Celtics out run and out hustle us.

Sam Young didn't get the memo that Ray Allen can shoot

Sam comes in and low and behold leaves Ray Allen who is open for a 3

Sam leaves him again and voila another 3.

Wow. When Kevin Garnett is making threes, you can pretty much say its not our night afternoon.

This is pathetic. We gotta step up. I’m predictin a 4th quarter surge by the Grizz.

Boston’s been worse than us in the 4th lately. Entirely probable.

Ok "Newsflash" Please GUARD RAY ALLEN!!!!

What….was….that? Rudy’s hip must really be hurting, because that was the slowest fast break I’ve ever seen

We're down by 8. Why? Because TA’s Spaz isn’t energizing the players on the court.

Surprisingly, it was the ancient Celtics who ran the young Grizzlies out of the building. Paul Pierce was inexplicably the first one to the other end on several occasions.

Ray Allen is still the best shooter in the NBA.

You’ll get no argument from me. There are women in this world less beautiful than his jumper

It’s going to be a loooooong day for me….and New England teams are doing all of it.

Can someone defend the 3 point shot? Anyone?

We’re asking for them to shoot more with Pondexter “guarding” Ray Allen

Why in the hell are they playing zone against the best 3pt shooting team in the League?!!

What does it take to get ANYBODY to NOT leave Ray Allen anywhere on the court???? Q Pondexter left him again and right on cue, Pierce finds him as Q goes running back with his hands up knowing he effed up. What would it take to get somebody to just don't leave him?

Turnovers, and the complete lack of interest in defending the 3 line were the death of us today. Note to Hollins: just because we can't hit 3's doesn't mean other teams can't.

You guys know why Gay doesn't get calls when he drives to the basket? Because he does his absolute best to avoid contact, go through people please

If Paul Pierce is called the "Truth" what is Rudy called?

1/2 the truth! LOL.

This is ridicuous. We beat Denver, then lose to Boston? Can’t happen if we expect to stay competitive in the west

Obviously, we can't win without Tony.

I will say, this should be the only thing for Bostonians to be happy about today... Go GIANTS!

This is pathetic. Marc gets molested by Garnett's forearm but nobody seems to see it, but if you get close to Pierce a foul will most certainly be called. Tired of being the team that are like the new kids and the other team is the one that gets the star treatment. It kills you desire to keep digging. Its like whats the point

Not saying it made a difference in the outcome, but I am tired of having a legit gripe at how biased to officiating is against us. There is NO reason to miss the calls they miss and to make the terrible ones they do vs us. I'm just sayin'.

Well…..this has been extremely embarrassing.