Lakers now favorites for Dwight Howard, Celtics favorites for CP3

All Danny Ainge wants for Christmas is these 2
With the news that the Lakers are out of the Chris Paul hunt and that they've shifted to acquiring Dwight Howard (which they will thanks to the NBA owners idiotic vetoing of the original CP3 deal) expect Danny Ainge to make another strong push for CP3.

We already know the cost for CP3's buddy David West is Jermaine O'Neal and JaJuan Johnson. I could see a JO/Rondo/JJJ/Moore + picks for CP3/West trade now. Not that I want it. I've made my feelings clear that I prefer Rondo at $11 mil over CP3 at $20 mil, but Danny lusts over CP3, so expect that offer to be made. Why are the Celtics favorites for CP3? They're the only team able to pull the trade off now. No other team is willing to trade anything the Hornets would accept for a 66 game rental.

Danny would be better served paying Rondo AND West a COMBINED $20 million a yr, then just Chris Paul $20 million. How can anyone say that just Brandon Roy 2.0 Chris Paul is $20 million better spent?

Wise move on the Lakers to pull out of CP3 talks. They're going to offer that exception and draft pick obtained from Dallas with Bynum for Howard and have a Kobe, Howard, Gasol threesome.

The idiot owners blocking the original CP3 trade did the Lakers a huge favor. With the sad news of Brandon Roy retiring in his mid 20's due to a knee issue, you simply can't mortgage your future all on a 6 foot guard with such bad knees. Howard is the only dominant center in the NBA and is healthy. That prick Kobe is so much better off with a healthy down low duo of Howard/Gasol than he would of been with damaged knees Bynum and CP3.